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Our Company

From its facilities in Southeast Georgia, Southern Ionics Minerals, LLC (SIM) mines and processes titanium and zirconium mineral sands that are used to make parts for consumer, industrial, medical and aviation products.

SIM began mining mineral sand deposits in 2014. Its Georgia facilities include its headquarters office and a mineral sand processing plant in Pierce County, a mining office in Brantley County and the Mission South Mine in Charlton County. The company also has an administrative office in Jacksonville, Fla.

Sand extracted at the mine is transported to the plant for separation and processing. The refined titanium and zirconium mineral sands are sold to customers that manufacture pigments and paints, aircraft engines, medical devices, welding rods, and other products.

SIM has proven to be an important economic contributor to its communities in Southeast Georgia, expanding its operations and increasing its workforce to approximately 140 employees. SIM president Stuart Forrester pledged to increase the participation of Georgia companies and contractors in its business to more than the current 56 percent.

The company, headquartered in Offerman, Ga., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Ionics Incorporated, an inorganic chemical manufacturer based in West Point, Miss. Both companies were founded and are owned by Milton Sundbeck.


ACTIVITY DIRECT IMPACT (mining operations and activities)
JOBS 140
WAGES $7.8 million*
CAPITAL INVESTMENT $96 million (in Charlton, Brantley, and Pierce counties, Georgia)
CONTRACTORS & VENDORS Currently 56 % of materials and services are sourced from Georgia


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